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Spin the Bottle Screenshot
Spin the Bottle 1.0

Price: $4.99


Download File Size: 88K
Version: 1.0
License Type: Commercial

Spin the Bottle... just like when you were a kid only now more sophisticated. Use to make any people decisions! Enter people's names into the name field between the bottlecaps. You can alternate between names or bottle "stops" by clicking on the bottle caps or pushing the up/down palm hard key. Once you have filled all the names you desire, you can spin the bottle by pressing the stylus on the bottle!

Spin the Bottle comes with 3 counters:
*Total Spins: Displays the total spins since they were last cleared.
*Hits: Displays number of times the bottle has stopped at its current location.
*% Hits: Percentage of times the bottle has landed at it's current spot.

PalmOS and 99K of available RAM

Compatible Devices/Operating System:
Palm OS


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