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The Moo-n's Secret Hint Walkthrough

A few notes:
I've set this up as a "Hint as you need it" Guide. You can readilly see the hint questions and find the one that you've been asking yourself... if you want to see the hints, just highligt the text after the bullets with your mouse. The hints get bigger on each bullet with the final bullet giving you the answer you need to get past that part of the game without really trying... but who wants that much help?

Part 1: Put yourself in that Manned Missle to Axeon
The trunk of my car is locked. How do open it?
../images/moonwalkbullet.gif (195 bytes) You need a key.
../images/moonwalkbullet.gif (195 bytes) Why don't you hear any cow bells?
../images/moonwalkbullet.gif (195 bytes) Why don't you try talking to the cows?
../images/moonwalkbullet.gif (195 bytes) The bottom cow has a key hanging around his neck.
How do I get into the NSSGA building?
../images/moonwalkbullet.gif (195 bytes) You need to have an access key to the building?
../images/moonwalkbullet.gif (195 bytes) You'll need to open the trunk of your car.
../images/moonwalkbullet.gif (195 bytes) Look in your trunk after you opened it to find the Access Key
../images/moonwalkbullet.gif (195 bytes) Use the Access Key with the Access Panel to the right of the door to unlock the door.
What do I need to answer the 3 questions my boss gives me?
../images/moonwalkbullet.gif (195 bytes) Listen to the Press Conference.
../images/moonwalkbullet.gif (195 bytes) Go back to your boss. He'll tell you to tell him when you're ready to answer the questions.
Question 1 and 2 come directly from the Press Conference.
The Security Guards are more than happy to talk about the weather after the conference.
Using their observations on the weather, and the formula that is mentioned towards the end off the conference, you can easily figure out the answer to the third question
The answers are: No, No, Yes
Ok, I've answered the Questions and boarded the ship, now how do I start the thing?
You need to set five switches in the correct sequence.
The first switch you need to set is mentioned in the conference.
The 2nd through 4th sequence can be found in the same area as the key to your trunk was found
The first cow really wants to tell you something, eh?
Talk to the cow three time and you will notice his tag with three images on it.
These images are marked the the correct sequence numbers.
This leaves the power switch and the sequence is completed
The exact order is the Weather Picture, the right bottom button, the right top button, the right middle button, and finally the Light bulb button.
I've got to go to the bathroom before I takeoff... BAD!
There is a toilet in the NSSGA building.
Ask your boss which tool you need to open the spacesuit.
Get the tool out of the toolbox and use the bathroom.
Board the ship and set the blastoff switch!
I'm in space... what do I need to do?
What do most space movies need to do so they can cross light years?
A Suspended Nap would be real nice!
You need 2 things to make you sleepy
Read any good books lately?
Look through the left bookshelf a few times and you will find a book to make you sleepy.
What else could make you sleepy?
Ever fall alsleep watching television?
Turn on the tv and then enter the Suspended Sleep Chamber.
Part 2: You too can make a craiter!
I've crash landed... Is this the end of the game?
It's a maze.
Find your way out... to the west, the South East and finaly the West again. (well, thats the general direction)
Can I use the tools onboard to fix the space craft?
But you can find a use for them later in the game.
OK, I found my way through the maze, What are these switches and signs?
You must set them in the correct sequence to get past the barrier.
Ever wonder how to read in other languages?
The sign pictures show ears and mouths of various beings.
The pictures form a puzzle... just put them in order.
Order of switches: 2,1,3,4
Pick up the ear-mouth looking device that appears and head through the now open barrier.
Can any of these Aliens help me?
Most of them are only there to give you a hard time.
One is a scalper.
Say NO to the scalper and he will tel you what you need to get a ticket from the ticket booth.
Another one can give you directions to a helpful robot.
How do I find the robot in the South East?
You can't get to him until you learn some truth from Mork in building 4.
After talking to Mork about apearences and what not, a rock to the South East of the Alien town will become passable.
Pass throught the rock and head to the South East.
How do I help the depressed amputated robot?
Look amoung the rocks near the robot.
There will be some twisted metal about 3-5 rocks to the bottom left of the robot.
You need to find an alternative leg for the robot.
What else have you found that is long and metal?
Get the crowbar from the toolbox on the spaceship... then give it to the robot and he will give you a certification of being an Adroid
You can now get a ticket.
How do I get past the laundry detergent?
Play through Gilligan's Quest.
You can't get past the laundry detergent... it correlates with a joke in Gilligan's Quest.
Do you want me to explain the "Ckicken crosses the road joke" too??
I've got my tickets, how do I find the beamer upper?
You'd have to walk a long way to find that.
Try the Maze.
Make your way to the bottom left.
Part 3: What your Beef with the Aliens!
How do I fix the beamer downers?
Their not really broken.
You need access codes.
You'll receive the codes later in the game.
What did the Alien mean about Aversidium, Sodium Hydroxide, and the Access Key?
Every ship has a core, right?
You need to use these items on the core.
Explore the ship to find these items.
Use them on the core when you have all three.
I've talked to the Alien Security guard... should I save the game?
From this point on the choices you make will result in one of three endings.
How do I keep from getting caught by the Aliens?
There's got to be somewhere to hide on the ship.
Try level 1.
You're not all that special of an individual are you... hint hint hint
Stand in line with the clones.
Ok, I've gotten on the bridge... what now?
Try talking to the Main alien dude.
He'll give you an Apartment Key.
Do you remember any locked doors on the planet
His apartment is the 2nd Alien Building
You'll find the access key inside
What are all these boxes?
Ever work in shipping?
Maybe if you moved them around.
Move one twice and two other ones each once
Then you'll find the Aversidium.
Ok, I've found the space mice, how do I enlarge them in the the comptrasmatron?
What game are you playing?
You know you havn't gotten to that part of the game... why are you looking at these hints?
There are no space mice in "The Moon's Secret"... but in the real universe?.. who knows?
The stewardess won't let me through... how do I get to first class?
Work real hard, make some money, become rich and then fly with the best.
You need to keep her busy.
Ever Clog a toilet?
Still cant get past her eh?
She can see you from where she's cleaning up the toilet.
Didn't she give you an egg?
Ever put an egg in the microwave?
You have to put the egg in the microwave while she's cleaning up the bathroom.
I've seen my old friend... what do I do now?
He's given you an access you can use on the transporter controls.
Go down from the transporter the the island.
Walk to the water to get saltwater.
You now have Sodium Hydroxide.
How many endings are there?
  Their are 3 endings.
  1... getting caught by the Alien's before hiding
  2... Jumping ship before saving the earth (This is my favorite)
  3... Saving Earth and then heading home (This is the best as far as game completion)
What if I have more questions?
Email support@bittysoft.com

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