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Feel free to download and use these Pocket PC Today Themes!

Skin Title: DelphicOracle

Site of famous Delphic Oracle's temple in ancient Greece. People would come from near and far to ask the Oracle questions to which the reply was often vague and the person asking could take it to mean what they wanted. The validity of the Oracle's answers were never questioned... if it didn't come true, then it was always the person asking that misunderstood what the Oracle told them.

"Great Oracle - Should I work on my Project or Play Pocket PC Solitaire?" - Question inscribed in Greek near the site in this picture.

Skin Title: MykonosViews
You're relaxing at your Greek hotel, the only sound you hear is the ocean... then you realize you're just at work and looking at your Pocket PC 2002!

This picture was taken in the southern shore of the island of Mykonos. The beach in the picture is called Plati Yialos. Enjoy!

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